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A Self Reflection for Nigeria’s Political Losers

Observing the recently concluded general elections in the United Kingdom ‘#GE2015’ has been very enlightening indeed. From the articulate debates to the comprehensive yet detailed post mortem conducted by the BBC at the conclusion of the election, the entire electoral process has been well run. But what has captivated me most is the conduct of the loosing politicians and party chieftains. The concession speeches given by the loosing candidates and the wisdom demonstrated by them to promptly step down as… Read More »

Click to VOTE! Select 3 agendas that are most important to you under General Muhammadu Buhari’s administration

With only one month to go until May 29th handover, what are the most important agendas to you under the incoming administration? Click to vote and comment on reasons why these agendas are important to you. Select three agendas that are most important to you under the administration of President Elect, General Muhammadu Buhari Improved… Read More »

20 Lessons from Nigeria’s Presidential and Gubernatorial Elections

Following two weeks of presidential and gubernatorial elections that has captivated the attention of the Nigerian public, what have we learned? That the world is watching Nigeria. It was the first time that the president of United States of America issued a broadcast to Nigerians. In addition, not only did our elections get round the… Read More »