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The Naira – To devalue or not devalue?

I was working on my computer when I noticed an email pop up; I clicked on it and behold, it alerted me to a situation I had dreaded. Observing my reaction, one would have been forgiven for thinking that I had lost millions in the stock market. Call my actions an overreaction, but reading on… Read More »

Nigeria election results so far… (half time)

Having stayed glued to the election process on television and social media, like most Nigerians have so far, it was rather disappointing that Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) chairman, Attahiru Jega did not conclude the elections on 30th March as promised. What irked me more was his nonchalant dismissal of the public at the end… Read More »

Nigeria Votes…

Nigeria goes to the poles tomorrow – 28th March, 2015 in what will turn out to be a significant and historic day for the country. If analysts are correct, a record 70 million people will take to the poles in a referendum on the performance of the incumbent president. The question placed to every Nigerian… Read More »