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Click to VOTE! Select 3 agendas that are most important to you under General Muhammadu Buhari’s administration

With only one month to go until May 29th handover, what are the most important agendas to you under the incoming administration? Click to vote and comment on reasons why these agendas are important to you. Select three agendas that are most important to you under the administration of President Elect, General Muhammadu Buhari Improved… Read More »

20 Lessons from Nigeria’s Presidential and Gubernatorial Elections

Following two weeks of presidential and gubernatorial elections that has captivated the attention of the Nigerian public, what have we learned? That the world is watching Nigeria. It was the first time that the president of United States of America issued a broadcast to Nigerians. In addition, not only did our elections get round the… Read More »

Nigeria election results so far… (half time)

Having stayed glued to the election process on television and social media, like most Nigerians have so far, it was rather disappointing that Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) chairman, Attahiru Jega did not conclude the elections on 30th March as promised. What irked me more was his nonchalant dismissal of the public at the end… Read More »

Nigeria Votes…

Nigeria goes to the poles tomorrow – 28th March, 2015 in what will turn out to be a significant and historic day for the country. If analysts are correct, a record 70 million people will take to the poles in a referendum on the performance of the incumbent president. The question placed to every Nigerian… Read More »